Hello! We are Nuvonia Media

About us

About the studio

Cofounded in 2018 Nuvonia is an agile performance-based marketing company that relies on innovative methods and practices to drive unparalleled results for its clients and partners.


Media Buying

We buy traffic from various publishers for mobile on daily basis.

Lead Generation

We know how to acquire, optimize and generate leads for us and our partners.

Traffic Optimization

Optimizing traffic is part of our daily task as a media buying company.

Content Management Systems

We run on lander, creatives and portals, for that we have an appropriate CMS for each.

Content Development

We provide premium content to our subscribers through engaging with our content partners around the world.

Web Development

Developing websites, landers, funnels and creatives is part of our daily tasks.

Our team is very dedicated

We are a full-service digital company

We thrive on innovation and always hungry for excellence

We here at Nuvonia are working tirelessly to serve our partners, advertisers, affiliates and customers the best service they truly deserve.

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